Every day, kids walk out of school with the strong belief they will never be successful in the classroom — or out of it. My mission is to change that.

—Robert Audley

The Win & Grin Program

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Your Child Can Succeed!

It’s tough for kids to believe they have the power to create their own lives when they feel they never measure up. Many students have no idea how to reach their potentials… their own levels of accomplishment in and out of the classroom. Many kids who graduate in the top 10% of their classes don't even believe they can succeed at the next level.

And succeed, they must: The economy once had more than enough opportunities for the average high school graduate, but not anymore. This demanding environment means they have to develop the independence, skills and resulting confidence to create success in and out of the classroom. They need a map!

Create Your Life by Robert AudleyRobert Audley's book, Create Your Life In and Out of the Classroom, is just that. The paperback version is available on Amazon for $19.99.

As a teacher, coach and parent, Robert has seen it help kids in countless settings: public schools, special education programs, sports teams, children’s psychiatric hospitals, emergency shelters, behavior management programs, and seven different alternative educational settings (including homebound) — and he'd like to help yours, too.

An excerpt from ”Raising Kid Performance“

Everything starts with meeting kids where they are. Make a connection. Develop your connections with constant encouragement in special areas of their development such as, paying attention to themselves, the internal conflicts preventing personal growth.

Emphasize their unique special talents. Give them responsibility for their outcomes. Search for their goals and discover beliefs to support them.

Encourage them to strengthen and value relationships along with the liberating influence of forgiveness.

Hearing such messages from an understanding adult in authority opens the world to new possibilities.

An Excerpt From “Create Your Life”

Who you are has never existed until you arrived. Who you are at this moment will never be repeated.

Just think for a moment how incredible it is to be you. You are truly one of a kind that has never existed and will never be repeated. Your finger prints are yours, and only yours. Your brain is so unique that nobody has ever had one just like yours...

For over 3.5 billion years, both sides of your genetic family had everything that is valuable to produce you. Your genetic family has been attractive enough to find a mate and healthy enough to reproduce. They have been fortunate to live a long life, which improved the chances of you being you! Nobody in your family was stepped on, hurt, left behind, wounded or killed to stop the genetic passing of stuff to keep your heritage going forward and make you.

It really is an incredible bucket of luck and powerful survival traits that bring you here today. Unique!